Before we get to squirrels, The Five Days of the Woodpecker post did NOT mention putting an owl in your eye. Many perceptive readers said there was no point warning them against putting owls in their eyes as most owls won’t hold still for it anyway. What we meant was an “awl”, which is a long, nasty needle. Which apparently Sir Isaac Newton thrust into an eyeball. His eyeball, we mean. Not anyone else’s. At least, not that we heard.

Next, Himself and I disagreed about the song “McArthur Park”, which has dorky lyrics about a cake being left in the rain. Tim thought it was one of the best songs ever, including lyrics. The words are symbolic, he explained, and thus stuffed with meaning. It is inexplicable that a host of talented (but obviously undiscriminating) artists performed this abomination, including Doc Sevrenson. His rendition at least lacks lyrics, though the melody alone is enough to trigger the gag reflex.

Then we recalled, via perverse logic, that we both like Donovan’s songs, including “There Is a Mountain.” This has the unfortunate phrase, “Oh Juanita! Oh Juanita! Oh Juanita!”, which rang in my head all night.  Sorry if the ear-worm virus gets into your head, but complain to Donovan. Who is Juanita? What does she have to do with the mountain appearing and vanishing and appearing, etc?

I had to play “I Vow to Thee” on the harp for an hour before Oh Juanita left my head…gah! It’s back!

The squirrels will have to wait until I dislodge Donovan. *knocks over chair getting to harp*



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